Sheriff Election Pamlico County

I’m Chris Davis and I want to be your next Pamlico County Sheriff!

Thank you for visiting my campaign website and for caring about the public safety of our community. I hope that you share my vision for a better Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office with others in our county.

As I visit neighborhoods, churches, senior centers, community meetings and businesses, I continue to hear you, the citizens of Pamlico County say two things:

  1. We need a Sheriff who will be transparent and accessible in our community.
  2. We need to focus our efforts on combating the distribution and use of illegal narcotics within the communities, something I have done my entire career.
I say it's time for both. I have the experience to do the job and will provide the leadership to do it well.

My plan, if elected Sheriff includes:

  • Stopping the destruction of our children and families by combating illegal drugs and its associated theft and destruction of property.
  • Providing Responsive, Honest, and Fair law enforcement to “ALL” around our county.
  • Improving the training, equipment, and safety of our fine young men and women employed by the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Improving the team spirit, rapport and cooperation with all local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.
The first responsibility of government to its citizens is to keep them safe. As your Sheriff, my job will be to keep the citizens safe and strive to make the Sheriff’s Office the most efficient component of the criminal justice system. Crime attacks us every day and, quite frankly, it is time for us to attack crime back through Innovative and common sense law enforcement solutions.

Together, we can make Pamlico County a safer place for citizens and tourist alike. Please vote for me, Chris Davis, as your Sheriff in 2014. I won’t let you down!

Chris Davis